Adjustable high carbon steel telescopic rod - SOGO-LIFE
Adjustable high carbon steel telescopic rod - SOGO-LIFE
Adjustable high carbon steel telescopic rod - SOGO-LIFE
Adjustable high carbon steel telescopic rod - SOGO-LIFE

Adjustable high carbon steel telescopic rod

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  • Material: made of durable High-carbon stainless steel and plastic with brushed finish; Use electrostatic spraying technology to avoid rust, feel smooth and delicate, and reduce the friction with the suspension.
  • Wide Application: These can be used as shower curtain rod, closet rod, curtain rod, coat hanger, shoe rack, or you can use them in the fridge to separate beverages and keep the cans or bottles from rolling around, etc.
  • Easy to install: unscrew the inner rotating rod to required length, 3-5cm longer than actual shortest distance between two sides of objects, tilt the rod between two sides of objects slightly, make the rod parallel with floor gently, At this time, the tensions rod between the two walls is propped up by spring.
  • Non- slip Design: There are non-slip rubber at both ends of the rod, which increases the friction with the wall surface, so that the rod is fixed more firmly and is not easy to fall off. The rod contains a thick spring, which is full of elasticity and gives the telescopic rod enough tension to hold firmly.

As the name implies, the telescopic stick can be stretched.

Let the storage prince tell you how to use telescopic sticks!

Most telescopic rods are between 18 and 120 cm in length.
There are basically two ways to use it.

Horizontal & vertical

The telescopic rod is used vertically, the principle is to separate the space.

For example, it is used in kitchen cabinets to separate flat objects such as cutting boards and trays, and they are usually stacked, which is very inconvenient to extract and facilitates storing them vertically.

Of course, you can also learn to embed the prince's idea: telescopic pole + grille, fixed between the kitchen console and the closet, storage kitchen appliances are really easy to use.

It is even more powerful when it is crossed. Whether it's walls, drawers or cabinets, as long as the left and right widths are within the length of the telescopic rod, it creates a storage space for you to eliminate dead ends.

◀ Telescopic rod in the bathroom ▶

▲ under the sink, telescopic rod + grid

▲ Above the sink, store toilet paper and detergent

▲The top of the washing machine, telescopic rod + plastic basket, storage rack, laundry bag and so on. Washing powder can also be stored in the cabinet below the sink.

▲Storing the mop is not a problem 

◀ Telescopic rod in shoe cabinet ▶

▲ layer the shoe cabinet

▲ In the shoe cabinet, put a layer of storage shoes, you can also hang high heels

▲ put a more flexible pole on the wall, you can hang high heels

▲In the shoe cabinet, telescopic rod + hanging shoe rack, no matter how many pairs of shoes can be put down

▲ telescopic stick storage boots.

◀ Telescopic rod in the kitchen ▶

▲ Kitchen paper under the cabinet

▲ Telescopic rod + hook Vertical storage of kitchen utensils~

▲ The telescopic rod separates the space to accommodate various basins, and the spacing is controlled by you~

▲ Telescopic rod for vertical storage of cutting boards and trays

▲ Telescopic rod vertical storage baking tray

▲ The cooktop exterior wall contains seasonings.

◀ Telescopic rod in anywhere ▶



Due to the limited number of images uploaded by the website, there are still many application scenarios. Wait until you find or add my Facebook account (introduction source).

So easy to use telescopic rod, do you want to have it?


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