Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)
Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)
Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)
Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)
Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)

Luma Lights: Motion-Activated Portable LED Lights (2pc)

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  • Motion-activated for 15 seconds of light when you need it
  • Turned on my motion, contact or vibration
  • Energy-efficient, cool LED lights for maximum lifespan
  • Place in bags, drawers, glove boxes- anywhere you need them!
  • Includes wall bracket for mounting in closets, cupboards and porches
  • Auto-shut-off means batteries are preserved
  • 2 Sensitivity settings for different uses

With Luma lights you can have light wherever you need it. In bags, drawers, cupboards or even just in your hand, Luma lights are beautiful, simple, motion-activated smooth pebbles of light that react to motion, touch or vibration to give you just the right amount of light you need for as long as you need it.

Dark nooks and crannies, corners of drawers and cupboards, closets, handbags, tool boxes, glove boxes, dark porches where you’re forever fumbling for the right door key. Every night your life becomes a collection of dark places and spaces that you need to see into. You can’t realistically have a light bulb, a switch, wiring and power going into in every dark area, and you can’t be expected to find and power-up a torch every time you open a drawer or search the depths of your handbag for your keys- but you still need to see, right? 

Luma lights are a perfect, beautiful and simple solution to that need for an immediate, convenient light you don’t have to worry about switching on and off- right where it’s needed most.

Reacting to your own presence, touch or even vibration you can turn Luma lights on with just a wave of your hand. Or, for a variety of uses, there’s a clever ‘sensitivity switch’ that lets you control how and when that precious light comes on!

Set to ‘low’ for use in constantly moving environments like handbags, purses, tackle boxes and glove compartments to preserve battery life.

Set to ‘High’ sensitivity for less volatile spots, like in drawers or cupboards or when wall mounted, so just the action of opening a door or drawer will turn your Luma lights on for 15 seconds- just long enough to find what you need, and turn off again, saving your batteries for the next time.

Luma lights are so easy to use and fit into so many spaces, you can have light exactly wherever it’s hard to see. 

Struggling to find the right shirt in your wardrobe? Or socks in the sock drawer? Forever fumbling with keys in the dark? Never able to find those ‘lost’ items in your handbag? Always looking for screws and nails in your garden shed or read the labels on spices in a kitchen cupboard? 

The uses for Luma lights are endless!

And thanks to highly efficient LED lights and that energy-saving automatic shut-off, you’ll have light to last as long as you need it!

But that’s not all!

Luma lights make perfect bedside night lights. Forget the harsh glare and feeling around for the noisy switches of table lamps that stay by the bed! Gently activate your Luma lights for a silent but bright light you can easily see by, and then take with you to the bathroom, downstairs or into your closet! 

Kids scared of the dark? Give them Luma lights as a friendly glowing security light they can rely on and keep with them, that will shut itself off when they’ve gone back to sleep!

Forget dark spaces, blind spots and shadows and give yourself the power of instant, convenient beautiful light ANYWHERE! Take control of the night, with a Luma light!